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Year of Change

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Dear Bristol,

What would you most like to change about your beautiful city?

Our world is changing fast;  how we live; how democracy works; how we identify ourselves; how we destroy (or don’t destroy) our environment; how we share (or don’t share) our wealth. 2018 looks to be a tipping point year in many fields, and of course change can be frightening but it also brings the opportunity for all of us to contribute to the process of renewal which follows.

Inspired by our Associate Company Ujima Radio heralding 2018 as their Year of Change, we've been inspired to put together a year’s programme based around this theme…

The same theme echoes through the refurbishment itself. We have literally (with a hammer) knocked down the walls which have hidden our beautiful theatre from the city that loves it for the last 250 years. Our ambition is to become a place where the whole city can gather to be wildly entertained and also to reflect on the mysteries and challenges of our ever-changing world.

That’s why we’re also responding to the Runnymede Report which declared Bristol the UK’s most segregated city with a city-wide conversation about our relationship with the Transatlantic Slave Trade (in partnership with Bristol Post and Ujima Radio).

Because with Bristol, anything is possible, even radical change.  You just have to believe it.

Tom Morris and Emma Stenning
Bristol Old Vic Artistic Director and Chief Executive

Emma Stenning and Tom Morris

Mike Norton, Bristol Post editor

We have to talk about the past… for the sake of the future
Click here to read a letter from Bristol Post Editor, Mike Norton


Roger Griffith, Ujima Radio

Year of Change: Ujima Radio – much more than just a station
Click here to read a letter from Ujima Radio Executive Chair, Roger Griffith

Click here to listen to a conversation between Mike and Roger, broadcast on Ujima Radio.

Want to learn more? Click here to listen to Tom Morris and Bristol's Poet Laureate Miles Chambers talk theatre, poetry and Bristol's complex relationship with its history on BBC Radio 4's Only Artists.

Miles Chambers and Tom Morris

Media Partners for Year of Change: 2018

Bristol Post   Ujima Radio


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