Support the stars of tomorrow: The Peter O'Toole Prize

Since its foundation, it has always been a natural progression for Bristol Old Vic Theatre School graduates to be employed by Bristol Old Vic.

"During our three years as students at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, the sublimely beautiful Theatre Royal glowed in the night, within our reach yet just beyond it. For my first year as a professional actor it was my home."

Daniel Day-Lewis

To protect this tradition, the Chesterton Award was established, offering two contracts per year to graduates, but was withdrawn in the 1990s due to lack of funds.

In 2012, with funding from our supporters we were able to re-establish the tradition with the Patrons' Prize which once again enabled us to offer two talented Theatre School graduates the opportunity of launching their careers at Bristol Old Vic.

Continuing today, the prize was renamed in 2014 in honour of late, great actor and long-standing much-loved friend of Bristol Old Vic Peter O'Toole who kick-started his incredible career as a member of the Bristol Old Vic Company in 1955.

"The Peter O'Toole Prize, named in honour of my father and something I know Peter would have been pleased to attach his name to, is an important springboard for talented young actors. By providing opportunities for gifted performers, we can afford deserving prize winners the same chance my father had to hone their craft on the very same stage."

Kate O'Toole

To donate to The Peter O'Toole Prize and help kick-start the careers of the best and brightest from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School click the button below.

Past Prize Winners

The Peter O'Toole Prize

Dominic Allen
Ewan Black
Martin Bassindale
Jonathan Charles
Millie Corser
Lily Donovan
Lindsay Dukes
Emily May Smith
Bethan Nash
Isaac Stanmore
Dylan Wood

The Chesterton Award

Adrian Scarborough
Anna Mountford
Jaqueline Phillips
Louise Plowright
Pippa Hayward
Richard Hansell
Sara Markland
Sevan Stephan

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