Toby Jones joins team of four actors in staged performance of Handel’s Messiah

For four nights this April, four extraordinary actors will join renowned opera and concert conductor Harry Bicket, Europe’s most celebrated Baroque orchestra The English Concert, the glorious Erebus Ensemble and four giants of classical music Julia Doyle, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Joshua Ellicott and Brindley Sherratt for four one-off stagings of Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah. 

Renowned stage and screen actor Toby Jones, Theatre Ad Infinitum co-artistic director Nir Paldi, Extraordinary Bodies lead artist Jamie Beddard and actor and poet Jessica Murrain will each play the role of the Messiah for one night only. Drawing on the tradition of Passion Plays, from Europe to the Philippines, each night will offer a ritualised and entirely unique performance carried by some of the most sublime music ever written.

Presenting the talents of the world’s most accomplished musicians, Handel’s Messiah will receive the full Bristol Proms treatment, complete with the riotously affordable standing pit, on-stage seating and the legendary Bristol Proms rules. Performers and audiences will inhabit the same intimate space, while a heightened theatricality will make Handel’s greatest work fizz with accessibility. 

6 April - Nir Paldi as the Leader
7 April - Jamie Beddard as the Leader
8 April - Jessica Murrain as the Leader
9 April - Toby Jones as the Leader

Messiah at Bristol Old Vic - Toby Jones, Jessica Murrain, Jamie Beddard and Nir Paldi - Photo by Paul Blakemore

Image: L-R Toby Jones, Jessica Murrain, Jamie Beddard and Nir Paldi. Photo by Paul Blakemore.